ENVIROTROL, a manufacturers’ representative company, provides technical expertise to engineers, contractors and municipal agencies to help solve water treatment challenges. Established in California in 1973, with a core focus in water treatment process technologies, Envirotrol offers the most advanced and innovative solutions from leading manufacturers in the industry.

As our water resources continue to be compromised, it is critical to meet new demands and utilize the best available technologies to clean our water. Membrane technologies, such as membrane bioreactors, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis are needed to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, Ozone and microwave UV light are implemented to meet new disinfection rules. Adsorptive titanium media is employed for arsenic removal from ground waters. These are just a few of the advanced treatment technologies Envirotrol brings to the marketplace.

In addition to advanced technologies, our staff provides support for many of the traditional treatment approaches still successful today. Clarification, screening, solids handling, biosolids dewatering, chemical feed systems and odor control are just a few of the many processes Envirotrol supports in the California water market.