Manufacturers Represented

Loprest Water Treatment Co. Fe & Mn Filters, GAC Filters, Ion Exch, Arsenic and Nitrate Removal Filters Well Head Treatment
Pressure/Tertiary Filtration
Scinor Hollow Fiber PVDF MF/UF membranes, Direct replacements for Pall and Memcor Drinking water, Re-use tertiary filtration, Brackish and Desalination
newterra Membrane Bio Reactor MBR Tertiary treatment

Kusters Water
- Waste Tech
- Hi-Tech Environmental

Clarifiers, Thickeners, DAFT, Multi-rake bar screens, perforated screens, grit removal, CSO screens, Rotary Screens, in channel screens Water & wastewater solids separation
Headworks solids separation
Nova Water Technologies Disc filters-CA Title 22 Approved

Tertiary wastewater treatment

Parker Filtration Cartridge Filters and Housings

Pre RO for brackish and desal

Forsta Filters Automatic backwash strainers

Pre-filtration for tertiary treatment

Acme Engineering Products Automatic sel-cleaning strainers

Large flow Micron filtration


Drycake Screw Presses, Centrifuges, BFP's Solids Dewatering and Handling
Hiller Centrifuges Solids Dewatering >20%
Keystone Conveyor Corporation Belt & Screw Conveyors, Elevators Solids Handling
Gooch Thermal Systems Sludge Spiral Heat Exchangers Digester Heat Exchangers
Epic International Screw Pumps & Pump Covers, High Speed Floating Aerators & Mixers Reclamation & Reuse
Aeration, BOD Reduction
Biosec Enviro Live bottom hoppers, storage silos Biosolids handling
Orege Enhanced Dewatering process 2-3% improvement in cake solids

Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Metering Pumps, Poly Blending, Mixers Polymer & Chemical Feed Systems
Industrial Kiln Bulk Storage, Lime Feed, Slurry Handling Lime Softening, pH control
Neotec UV UV Disinfection Title 22 reuse

Water, Inc. Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants Contact Stabilization, Extended Aeration
Bioworks Economical Wastewater Treatment Nitrogen & Phosphorous Removal

Geyser Pump High efficiency Air Lift type Grit and RAS solids handling
Liberty Pump Co. Progressive Cavity Solids handling
National Pump Co. Vertical Turbine Pumps Deep well or Can booster

Tuthill Blowers PD and Rotary type blowers Aeration-biological treatment
Gardner Denver Blowers High speed turbo blowers, Multi-stage blowers Reliability, High efficiency
Gummi-Jaeger Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers High efficiency
Epic International Floating surface aerators and mixers Lagoon treatment

Verantis Environmental FRP Fans and odor/chemical scrubbers

Odor Control and Air Handling

Pure Air Filtration Absorbent medias, scrubbers Odor control, chlorine scrubbing
Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc. FRP covers, weirs and baffles Odor control, corrosion

Real Tech Water Water Quality analyzers and sensors UVT, Nitrogen, TOC, BOD

Hydro Air Systems

Surge and Hydro-pneumatic Tank Systems Water distribution control
AA Tanks Bladder type surge tanks Water pressure control
Mckenna Engineering Pumps, gas compressor and Blower Packages Engineered systems and service